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Need Friends.

asked 2015-02-20 12:02:44 -0500

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa...Waheguru Ji Ka Fateh

I don't know if it's the right place to meet friends..but i need friends...i don't have many and none of them follow sikh rehat and idealogies..i will be very delighted if i will have some Sikh friends (Male or Female, I am Male aged 18) email is [email protected] ..Sorry if i said something wrong.

Waheguru bhali kare..

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa..Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

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answered 2015-02-21 04:04:43 -0500

Bhagat Singh gravatar image

Email: [email protected]


PS: Remember that God is the one true friend.

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