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Keski and Kesh

asked 2015-02-02 17:43:59 -0600

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I am a young convert to Sikhi and I want to grow my hair long and wear a turban, but my parents won't let me. "You're only twelve" and "You can practice religion, but at your age doing this is very cult-ish". How can I convince them especially in my islam-a-phobic society in America (that equates turban with terrorist)? I can when I get to college they say but that is almost a decade away! Please help me mighty Khalsaji!


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answered 2015-02-04 08:10:18 -0600

Singh5 gravatar image


It is difficuilt sometimes with parents to make them realise something when they feel they already know enough about!

It is not impossible though and with time things do change. However when young children are in question and want to follow a spiritual path especially Sikhi things can get challenging. More so for parents.

So simply and to the point of trying to convince them go and watch Chaar Sahibzade film. It is so heart touching and emotional and full of TRUTH. Beautifully put together in a animated style you must watch it. You will have to find out some how on where it is being showed or whether you can actually but the DVD now. Avoid piracy and other fake ways though.


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