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God as my husband and feeling jealousy.

asked 2015-01-07 23:47:29 -0500

Okay so I have feelings for God now, I love Him and I think of Him as my husband. I didn't always have these feelings for God but now I have developed them.

Growing up, I used to think about my future husband and always thought I wonder where he is and who he is. Will I ever meet him etc etc. Anyways there were times when I came across people in my life that I started to like and was in love with but I was always treated so badly, was cheated on and deceived, used and basically it always ended in me being broken hearted and crying for long times alone - just devastated.

I gave up on ever marrying a guy or thinking of falling in love with a male again. I just thought that I am never going to find anyone who is going to be good to me and I did not want to go through the same kind of bs I went through in the past.

I did pray to God then as well but the love I felt for God then was not as intense as it is now in my heart. I didn't view God as my husband then but I knew that God is really the best one among everyone and every creature.

Anyways so I guess I gave my heart to God and now I cannot love a guy anymore and don't even want to think of meeting a guy and wanting any kind of love from Him, because I have given my heart to God and think of Him to be my love, husband.

The problem is this that I feel jealous at times. I feel jealous that there is someone else out there or others that love God in the same way as I do. I feel like a jealous lover of God who is jealous of others that might be in love with God in the same way as I am. Am I wrong to feel this way?

Is God the husband of all the souls? I mean, so does that mean that God has so many 'wives' (souls)? I am confused, can someone please shed some light on this.

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answered 2015-02-13 21:12:52 -0500

J. gravatar image

Okay, the 'problem' that you are going through is very serious. At times, yes sure, you can be jealous of people who might love God like you do. But what do you do with jealousy? Does it fester in your heart? Is that all you think about? Or does it inspire you to better yourself? Does it inspire you to have a much better relationship with God? You need to understand that God is EVERYTHING. You are just under the delusion that He is away. That he is far, far away from you. If you understand that God amalgamated Himself in the universe, that everything is his play, then you realize that jealousy is just foolishness. If you want God as your Husband, then make HIM YOUR EVERYTHING. TRUST IN HIM. LOVE HIM. LOVE EVERYONE, BECAUSE HE IS EVERYONE. If you think that God doesn't realize your jealousy, then you are a fool. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, himself said HE is one of God's soul wife. Does that mean that he would get jealous when others get close with HIM, no it's the opposite! Because you feel such devotion and love towards HIM, share the love and share the compassion. Like Guru Ji, give God unto others. Realize that he is never far away and don't be jealous. Guru Ji himself said that nothing good will happen to the envious. Guru Arjan Dev Ji had an extremely jealous brother. He tried many times to reconcile with him, but he never listened. It broke his heart that he couldn't see and love God within everyone. It just gave him so much pain. Don't be false, be true and be you. The real you. In terms of your husband, God always delivers. One day a GurSikh will come to you and you will fall in love with him. Not because of his looks, but because of his compassion, his attitude, his TRUTH. HE WILL COME TO YOU.

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answered 2015-02-16 20:22:37 -0500

Lol OMG, that hurt, your answer, how you're making it sound like I am bad and envious and to the extent that Guru Arjan Dev ji's brother was! hell no, I am not jealous like that.

No I'm done with falling in love with a 'human' guy. No thank you, I will not go that road again.

And besides if loving others means being nice when you deal with them, then that I already do. I can't romantically love everyone though! That's gross!

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