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Problems in Love marriage

asked 2014-12-05 01:31:42 -0500

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Hi, I am going through a very tough face in my life...I am a sikh girl who wants to marry a hindu guy. Since childhood I have been living with my mother and Maternal grand parents and Uncles and aunts. As My mom and dad had problems in their married life and later in life got divorced. Since childhood i never enjoyed equal rights as of my cousin and had gone through a hard life wherein My mom was being tortured by my mama and mami's. My Nana also never supported my mom.I started earning at young age and like others i also wanted to get married to a nice guy always as this was only ray of hope for my mother and me. But nobody ever ooked for any guy for me later and now I am 29 and because of society my nanaji is looking for a sikh guy for me and none of my mama is not supporting and talking to him on my subject. The problem with me is I like a guy and also shared with my mom about me wanted to get married to him and shared the same with my Nana and nani, masi and whosover was important as want this marriage to happen on good note and with blessings of everyone. Nobody has any problem except my mother who is creating a hue and cry about me choosing a guy who is not well off. I am assuring her constantly that he is a good guy, may be he is not well off, but he cares for me and I am happy with him as i know him from past 5 years. I dont want to get married to anybody else , cant leave my mom or this guy. Please help me. Suggest If there is any shabad or mantra in gurbani with the help of which my mother permits me to get married to him. Else I have to take a hard step to run from house. Which I dont want :(

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answered 2014-12-16 23:44:59 -0500

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hi, i understand your situation and i understand your concern but one thing i would definitely say is in no situation should you leave your mum and run of with that guy. give your mum some time and she will hopefully understand your point of view, its probably not easy for to accept this. like any mother she probably also had a dream or a hope of the kind of guy she would want as her son in law. and the fact that she wants him to be well off is not for herself, it for YOU! she wants you to go into your house knowing that you won't have to go through difficulties related to money and your childrens future will also be secure. i would suggest that you pray to waheguru maybe do a sukhmani sahib path if your are not doing it and things will work out. but i don't think you should run away and leave your mum alone and give your relatives a reason to torture your mum even further. and maybe also you can ask your boyfriend to meet your mum a couple of times so that they can come on the same platform and maybe the doubts your mum has will be cleared and any other misunderstanding
sorry that was a bit too long. sorry if i said anything rude. waheguru is with you remember him and things will work out best of luck :)

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Asked: 2014-12-05 01:31:42 -0500

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