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existence of god ?

asked 2014-10-31 03:58:28 -0500

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sometimes i fell that god doesn't exist. and whenever i feels like it, my mom who is far away from me (in India) scold me and explains me why i should not think like this. but i am not able to understand that why good and innocent people suffer the most in this world. i never fight with anyone, though i don't do simran and paath and i know its wrong but the reason for this is my busy life. everyone push me down just because i never took a stand against them. i never argue with anyone, whatever anyone say i just listen without arguing or saying no. that's why some people push me down. the thing is whenever i tried to took a stand and try to raise voice against anything which is wrong i failed. i tried everytime and i failed because of lack of courage. even if i try to develop courage in me, i am not able to do that. i wear turban, tie my beard and i have also taken the holy karha on my hand but still i feel they are of no use. sometimes i feel that babaji forgot to plant the seed of courage in me. he just made me a coward. god doesn't give me strength to raise my voice, he neither help innocent people. he always help bad people to push down others. innocent and straight forward guys always suffer. bad people are rich as well. god is not even giving justice to 1984 victims. he's not even helping sikh boys to get jobs of non- Asian countries like NZ and i am suffering from this as well. preference is given to clean shaved people. i can't get a job in the fast food industry because of my beard. i just satisfy myself by thinking that my time will come but i know it won't coz i have suffered from all this shit in my whole life. and after suffering from all these things when i came back home in search of some rest the other drama starts of pushing me down by other flatmates and i know i cannot fight against them and finally i think that my life has been f*&^$ up this whole shit will continue for my whole life.

i know that my question sounds weird but this is my unhappy and unlucky life. and this question will always struck in my mind that is god looking at all this ?? or is he just ignoring ? is he going to do anything ? or my useless, unhappy life will continue like this ?

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answered 2014-11-03 22:33:04 -0500

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This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma >100 is welcome to improve it.

You are right, God does not exist as the conventional religions teach us. He is not sitting on some seventh sky or in heaven and watching us quietly and judging us. There is no Godly figure like that.

For Sikhs God is here with us, omnipresent. God is inside you and me, inside us all. But we don't realise this and look for external magical forces to help us out of our problems. "Self-realization" is what we all need to work towards in life. Looking inside for God and trying to see and feel his presence in everyone, including those whom you perceive as your tormentors, is a different way of looking at things.

Only those living a life of ignorance are the ones suffering in this world. Awakened beings are always in bliss and spirit of chardikala. Read about life of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, he suffered loss of his father at early age, loss of his 4 sons in battle field, do you think he was suffering, he was in pain and misery? Why did God not help him in battle of Chamkaur, showed some miracles and saved his sons in the battlefield? Guru Sahib lived a life of righteousness, he was an awakened being, hence lived a life of bliss and taught his Sikhs how to lead such a life style. But we have forgotten all this yet again and hence living in misery.

The perpetrators of 1984 were slaves of money, material wealth and power. Living a hollow life, a life of ignorance. What more wordily punishment can you give to such a person who is already in the grip of vices and living in hell. For some people a bed of roses is also a curse whereas for others a bed of thorns can also become a blessing.

I have never found beard and turban becoming an hindrance working in India or here in United States. Check this video on how Sikhs at 3HO are living a life of bliss and at the same time running a successful business in US, without worrying about beard/turban effecting their business prospects:

Meditation and understanding gurbani are essentials for self-realization and understanding life's purpose. The sooner you get back to taking your daily dose of mediation and gurbani recital, the better its. Thanks!

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answered 2014-11-04 15:12:09 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Check out Hari Karam Singh's great story about his turban:

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