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What do you think about Jelqing?

asked 2012-03-17 08:25:00 -0600

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Satnam Jio, have a question. A friend of mine who is german and started to do meditation and yoga asked me a question. It was really personal and he let me swear not to tell anybody. But cause this is anonymus. I think it dont break it. He told me that he is doing a practice which is called jelqing, it is a penis exercise to strengthe pc muscle, strengthen all the muscles in the genital area, to enlarge penis, add girth and to prevent premature ejaculation. He asked me if this practice is d'accord with the lifestyle of a Sikh or any other yogic spiritual lifestyle. I told him as long you don't it to masturbate and have enough self control it shouldn't harm you. Cause Masturbation causes the loss of nervous system and creates grey matter. But I told him I am not sure with it and promised him that I will find it out, but in the internet is no article about it a and Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh ji has no lecture about it, so thought to ask you and what you're opinion is about that, cause you have lot of experience with this kind a questions. plz answer asap. Satnam Jio

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answered 2012-03-19 13:27:45 -0600

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Sat Nam, anonymous Ji - You know there are sadhus in India who tie stones to their penis to increase length. These practices are neither right nor wrong, per se. but all such practices imply a certain preoccupation with one's own sex organ.

So what's the difference between muscle building and jelqing? Well this isn't so much about physical practices as it is about thoughts and attention. If your friend is questioning himself about his practice and whether or not it is " accord with the lifestyle of a Sikh or any other yogic spiritual lifestyle" then he is having his own doubts about it. What one thinks about determines one's reality. Seems to me if you are happy, healthy and holy, then you know that all your 'parts' are fine, just as they are.

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