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asked 2014-07-09 05:35:06 -0500

isba gravatar image

my friend named raj hes going through a bad time right now ...he met with an accident :( hes been in the ventilator for almost a month and doctors have also given up..please tell me any prayers which can heal him and he can recover soon...thank you

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answered 2014-08-01 23:40:55 -0500

I am new into Sikhi, so I can give advice of best of my capability. Do Nitnem ( Morning prayers- Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tav Prasad Savaiye, Benti Chaupai, Anand - Sahib) Evening- Rehras Sahib and Right before you go to bed at night- Kirtan Sohila. If you can't read , you can listen to them. Also do Dukh Bhanjani Sahib- This Bani is also really important. You can listen to it as well if you can't read. Have faith in Satguru and do Ardaas. VJKK VJKF!

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answered 2014-08-08 19:03:40 -0500

isba gravatar image

Thank you...he's much better now

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