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Fate's Path or Parent's path?

asked 2012-10-20 12:35:26 -0600

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Hi, i'm a young "gursikh". I put gursikh in inverted commas because i don't feel i deserve that title. Although i keep my kesh, although this is certainly difficult being a girl, in this society. Anyway, i feel much passion towards music, wither it be raag and classical indian music but my soul and mind connects with it and fills with joy. I want a good job however, and want to make my parents proud of me by becoming a pharmasist. I beleive education is important as it keeps the mind away from other thoughts and supports you're future generation and to find a educated partner. But should i become a musician or a scientist? I like both but one feeds the mind and the other feeds the family. I cannot do both. Please help. Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!

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answered 2012-10-21 04:51:15 -0600

Karanjit Singh gravatar image

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh

Bhenji ji,

what I have learned from Gursikh and Guru Sahib thought me, is, that a Sikh shouldnt have any wordly wishes. Our wishes takes the "Seva" away which Guru Sahib has blessed us during Amrit Sanchar.

I try to explain it in a short form; you can write pages on it. Hope you understand it what I'm trying to say.

Before we give our heads to Satguru ji we are subject of our Karma. At that time we dont have any relation with Guru Sahib and harvest what has been written on the forehead. So basically your life is planned. No one can change it. As Guru Sahib has said.

"The inscription inscribed by the Creator Lord cannot be erased, O my companions." (Ang 937 Guru Gran Sahib ji)

And now - thats is one of countless reasons why to take Amrit and become a Sikh- where the glory of the True Guru ji comes. Guru Sahib helps us and releases us from all Karma. Guru Sahib makes your individual Masterplan. But there is a condition.

If you desire to play this game of love with Me,then step onto My Path with your head in hand. (Ang 1412 Guru Grant Sahib ji.

In other words. Give me your life(mind, body, wealth) and let me decide.

Thats why such Shabad Guru Sahib has utter.

If You will bless me with happiness, then I will worship and adore You. Even in pain, I will meditate on You. ||2|| Even if You give me hunger, I will still feel satisfied; I am joyful, even in the midst of sorrow. ||3|| I would cut my mind and body apart into pieces, and offer them all to You; I would burn myself in fire. ||4||

During Amrit Sanchar we transfer our Karma to Guru Sahib ji and get in return Mool Manter, Gurmanter and Reht Maryada/ Hukum. So basically we accept the conditions of Guru Sahib ji. Now our life is Guru Sahib life and his job to release us from all entanglements. And our job is to follow stricly Gurus hukum. What is Gurus hukum? To do effort chant, sing, meditate Naam in Gurmat way to merge in Waheguru while still alive, so that Guru Sahib can use our bodys to move in the society. As Harbajan Singh Yogi said we have to become a Lighthouse. And then actually the real Seva starts.

Every Sikh is blessed with a Seva. I.e. Some become lawyer, doctors, bankier, keertani etc... not to earn money, to give positive engery to this world, to help the society, to lift up the society and so on... to gather wealth is not a reason why Gursikh work.. money will come intuitive as everything is in Guru Sahib ji hand -> "All treasures are within His Glance of Grace". (Sukhmani Sahib ji)

Our wishes takes away such blessed Seva as Guru Sahib fulfill our wishes first. Seva starts when we ... (more)

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answered 2012-11-19 09:17:20 -0600

kanwaljit.singh gravatar image

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

Your parents will be proud of you being a pharmacist only for a few years, say 5. But you have to work in your job for the next 30 years. So I would advise you choose your career with passion rather than just pleasing your parents. All the kids feel the same pressure. I made the same mistake but somehow found some passion in my current job. You might not be so lucky.

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