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Is it right to masturbate? If it is ok, then why do I feel guilty afterwards, and how do I stop it. Moreover, how do you resist all forms of sexual energy coming from literally everything, books, tv, computer etc. And how do you exercise self control. I feel like I am not being a true gursikh and am not thankful for all Waheguruji has blessed us with. Please tell me the right way out.

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answered 2012-10-16 15:56:22 -0500

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This is one of the most popular questions in the SikhNet Q&A forum. If you go to the archives, here and simply search the word 'masturbation' and also for the word 'masturbate' then you will see the many answers already posted.

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answered 2012-10-17 03:21:18 -0500

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Hope this answer helps you...

Below is an excerpt from Pandit Gulab Singh's version of Prabodh Chandra Natak [written in 1789 CE], which is a translation into Brij Bhasha from Sanskrit of the original Prabodh Chandra Natak written by Krishan Mishar. Famed to be one of the most intelligent writers of the 1700's, Pandit Gulab Singh translated numerous traditional Sanskrit texts into Brij Bhasha for the benefit of the masses who did not have the ability to learn Sanskrit. This deep philosophical text uses creative methods of personifying certain virtues and vices, allowing them to engage in discourse, to exemplify their strengths and weaknesses. The passage below describes the emergence of 'Braham Vidiya', the subtle knowledge of the Infinite. The conversation is between Kaam [lust] and his wife, giving their perspective on how 'Braham Vidiya' takes 'birth' in a devotee.

P.S. I couldnt add the orginal post.

Oh Kaam Devta, that demon virgin named 'Vidiya' - Brahm Gian, how will she be born from your enemies [Vairaag, Vivek etc] in this world?

My beloved listen, she is born from the mother Upanishad [Gurbani], and her father is the idiot king named Vivek [Gurmat discerning intellect].

Oh wife, the birth of Vidiya will be assisted by the support of people like Sam [controlling of your senses], Dam [controlling of your mind] etc [along with the other virtuous qualities].

Furthermore they all keep 'Vart' [discipline in their food], perform 'Tap' [tapasya - physical Seva and meditation], demonstrating great 'Udam' [effort] they visit and bathe at 'Tiraths' [sacred places of pilgrimage - i.e. HArminder Sahib], and recognizing the one Lord they worship them.

Notes: Braham Vidiya, personified as a female virgin, is called a demon [Raksh], by Kaam Devta's wife. This is because from their perspective, with the emergence of Braham Vidiya there will be no indulgence in Kaam [lust]. End of translation

Sukum Veechar

From my understanding. We have to convert this lust engery to naam ras. If lust engery is controlling you, then its your weekness. Kaam (lust) ist not bad; we need it. But we shouldnt be subject of lust.

If you are a Amrit Dhari then you got the "tool" how to controll them. Just take Gurus support.

how do you resist all forms of sexual energy coming from literally everything, books, tv, computer etc.? -> I didnt know that a Gursikh has time to watch such things where our sexual energy get its food? If you know, your are controlled by lust, avoid watching such things. Follow Gurus teaching - Jaap Naam.

Just to clear it without doing Abhiyaas of Naam, you will be a victim of lust.

Last benti: Can you imagine a Khalsa - a son of Guru Gobind Singh ji - masturbating?

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