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can sikh women wear hats?

asked 2014-05-10 14:06:43 -0500

Sat sree akaal! I know that Sikh men cannot wear hats, but I was only curious if the same goes for women too. I am not Sikh, but I am the biggest admirer of Sikhs in my family, and I am studying the culture and practices as a means to better understand this most wonderful croud of sorts I have known to have ever existed. Thank you very much if you can answer this for me. If not, still, Shukreeaa for your time and patience. Aman de naal baahar, Waheguru de dosat!

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answered 2014-05-11 12:41:09 -0500

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updated 2014-05-12 03:03:51 -0500

That's up to you and your guru.

Women can wear turbans shown in these videos:

image description

YouTube - Turban Tying Women's Turban

image description

YouTube - Women and Bana


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