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A seeker can find Sikhi but is it also possible that a sikh can become what he seeks.. for example like an individual already born as a sikh and he she seeks and on one day he finds himsself standing in the faith that he was seeking for already..! It's so amazing! Sikhs born in other country with parents of two different kinds of cultures..

A seeker most of the times is someone who isn't a sikh.. likely And some sikhs do not understand their faith deeply! But some sikhs who are not born in sikh family but in a family with two different kinds of faith and as a sikh but not deeply understand it enough and get pulled away from it and one day realizes after his seeking that he or she was already a 'sikh' in term of name only it is funny if thos two roads cross eachother like you follow your intuïton not knowing that you were already what you were seeking for but because of your intuïtion you've actually become what you hoped you would be not all sikhs become real sikhs if you know what mean but they cannot also can start to seek to their own faith unknowngly.. or maybe that is just the beauty some become later what they are already some nee dunderstanding first.. sometimes understanding brings you closer to your faith and sometimes all you need is understanding as your intuition brought you as far alread.. or maybe you just need faith to find your faith.. it's strange in a way that what i hoped i ever would be i actually i was already i just didn't much care that i carried the name SINGH already it's like my name each and every day came closer to me..

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answered 2014-05-15 13:23:11 -0600

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No question here, but your post contains much truth and may be valuable to others.

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