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Naam WaHeGuru [closed]

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In 'Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj' stands that 'Naam' is Most Important and without 'Naam' There would be nothing

It's foundation..God is in All..

In Guru Granth Sahib Ji stand that you have to Love All Cause All is God. Otherwise if you Can't See God In All .. You Can't See God At All! (Yogi Bhajan)


But without Naam there's nothing..

So you can't Judge anyone or anything untill you JAP NAAM RIGHT way shouldn't be RIGHT if you're not right There can Only be One way and that's RIGHT .. else you go wrong.. So what I'm doing now is also wrong.. I should be JAPPING NAAM.. Instead of a mere show..

Sometimes I feel so much close to God and i feel sad. Sometime I doubt.. I have this feeling that i need guideness to that Light.. of God I feel that without Naam there's nothing at ALL.. But everything seems so hollow without God I'm trying but not enough I'm weak so.. I have this feeling that I cannot so.. Before when you met God it felt so naturally.. There's also stands that it is worthless to express your feelings unless it's to God.. But can people ask others for advice and help..? Cause God Always stands ready to help! Why don't we run into God's arms?

Is everything a waste.. If we do not Jap NAAM for an instant? Sometimes i feel happy.. Because I feel God do Love me and I Love God so Much! But then sometimes I feel God is very far and he doesn't Love me but God Love All! But does that mean that we should break all bonds and just concentrate from now on and only onto God's Name..? It's should be like neverending.. but why people give up so soon..? Then it's feels like your standing back on that same spot..

Everything is from God.. but If you don't JAP NAAM then all means nothing right? How can someting wrong can bring you right.. that doesn't excist.. it's going right and stay right that brings you to the Light..

I personally think that staying on this forum will not bring me closer to God.. Right? We should and should only be JAPPING NAAM other means fail.. extremely So can only help others if you help yourself first and you should help others in the same way you help yourself..through Bani and Bani will help anyone through that terrible Ocean So aslong you not 1 you cannot Help any1 Without the Divine Name these are all wasted efforts.. argumenting and tribulation It's all a mere show..!

We should all really start JAPPING NAAM IN SURRENDER I don't think FULL SURENDER will come if you don't actually surrender If PAST/FUTURE MEANS NOTHING THEN WHY ARE WE ALL PUTTING THE BLAME ON IT ... (more)

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