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Who Sikhs are not allowed to have friendships/associations with;

According to the Sikh Rehat Maryada, Sikhs must not have any associations with those who would marry off their sons or daughters in matrimony for money, one who participates in "honour" killings, infanticide. It should also be noted that this list extends to:

Those who eat or drink from an unbaptised persons plate

One who dyes their hair

Sikhs who previously had uncut hair but has now cut it

Those who have used drugs (i.e. alcohol, marijuana, cocaine)

Anyone who generally engages in practises which contradict the teaching of the gurus

When they say 'no friendship/associations' does that also mean associations with family? And if you're married than does that apllied the same? Because if cannot have any relation with so kind of people, then we shouldn't be married or have any kind of relationship with family of that kind of people?

Does that mean you have to make all ties broken with so people? Even if it's your family, husband?

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answered 2014-04-17 16:24:47 -0500

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This is all about keeping the company of people who elevate you and inspire you. People who bring you up, not down. Every day is a new day. The Guru can touch any heart at any time. In an instant everything is changed. The one who has cut their hairs begins to let them grow again. The one who has abused drugs or alcohol never touches them again. You cannot insulate yourself from the world. Is this what Guru Nanak Dev Ji did or taught? No. He welcomed all with open arms and helped them to see the truth and become excellent. Though he traveled everywhere and sat with everyone, short hair or long, beggar or thief, he created a dharamsala where the Sadhsangat could work and grow together. Choose who you want to hang out with, but do not reject anyone in judgement. Anyone's heart can be awakened in an instant by Guru Ji's kirpaa.

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