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Can sikhs eat meat?

asked 2014-03-02 18:04:25 -0500

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Recently my friend had this fb status asking if sikhs were allowed to eat meat many people disagreed and so did I because i understand that your not allowed to eat meat unless its the matter of your survival in which case you have to do Jhatak(not sure if i spelt it right sorry if i did) but he kept on saying that the Akal takht is our supreme body and they said that were allowed to eat meat and im curious because from what i know Guru Hargobind Sahib ji said that were should stay away from meat and flesh so why does he keep bringing Akal takht into this im very confused

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answered 2014-03-16 12:34:32 -0500

Nihang Gavinpal Singh Khalsa gravatar image

wjkk wkjkf,

firstly the hukhamnama of sri guru hargobind sahib ji maharaj sates that sikhs can not eat fish meat or eggs that it is a sin to do so, there are also countless places in sri guru granth shaib ji where the same orders are given not to eat meat. this is completeley understandable and i myslef am a vegan "just to add" but at the same time i am a nihang singh, and the nihang singhs who are the true khalsa- maintaing all of the traditions of the khalsa unbrocken from the time of the guru himself are also very strict vegeterians. and some eat meat that has been jhatkhad when it is neccesery for them to do so. the akal takht has said that eating meat is not wrong and shoulkd not be argued about just as the sri guru granth sahib ji does. when the khalsa was in despret need of survibal they did eat meat but aonly as the guru had permitted otherwise it was wrong to do so, the animal must be cleaned and placed on a platform japji sahib paath is to be read along with chandi di vaar and on the last lines of the paath the animals head is decapetated. ardass is done and the blood from the head of the animal is offerd to the swords first, in this act the animal is first given to god in the form of the sword (bhaghauti). and then the animal is prepared in the langar as prashaad for those whop need it to sustain them selfes, the rect of the animals body parts are either cremated because they cant be used or are used to omake war drums and weponry- non of the animal should be wasted. but for the khalsa to have full rehat and bibek, they must eat only out of iron and be strict vegeterians.

we are saint soldiers not carless warriors we love the world and being vegeterian is cleaner and more sustainable for our diets. but in the act of survival or in the need for health mass should not be sidelined as the guru has allowed us to eat it as long as it has been done in the proper manner with care and treatment. meat is only allowed to be eaten in extreame cases. the panj piare should be consulted if necessary.

sikhs are vegeterians and always will be this is the gurus hukham.


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