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asked 2013-12-20 17:25:50 -0600

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Dear one , what does it mean by "divorce is a way of avoidance its not about one needed personal space .. There is no space ". This is a quote by guruka Singh in a sikhnet video ..

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answered 2014-01-02 23:09:48 -0600

Princess Kaur gravatar image

WJKK WJKF, ma'am/sir yes Divorce means avoidance..when you find something intolerable in your life with your want to be alone becoz you know u'll find peace and the answer you are looking for.. and the personal space means that you want to do some thing freely..which your present circumstances are resisting.. look there are 3 phases positive, zero, and negative.. when somebody is at zero level he'll get frustrate to have a zero value..he' ll then look out for personal space to do something that increases his values among others.He can do soo..while living together.

but when somebody is become continuously in frustration, in unwanted circumstances with unwanted person..he will not look out for personnal space but for at least peace..he will try to find out the answer he was looking for..therefore he/she would ask for DIVORCE...basically to avoid discriminating, demoralizing, discouraging, frustrating, negative revive himself..

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Asked: 2013-12-20 17:25:50 -0600

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