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Family and nucleaus

asked 2013-12-19 18:13:17 -0500

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You know the meaning of family , Family means, under all longitude and latitude, we keep our nucleus together ... This is a yb quote ,,what does He mean by we keep our nucleus together?? Help

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answered 2013-12-19 20:09:15 -0500

JasPinduh gravatar image

updated 2013-12-20 06:50:03 -0500

Wjkk, wjkf Well I could be wrong , I'm a high school student and I learnt in science that a neucleas is made of protons and neutrons , they form the neucleas ... In a way they are really strongly Bonded that you cannot take them appart ,so In A way a family should be the same... Strong ! And should always be together , because without the prontons or neutrons they're would be no neucleas Hope this helps :) Wjkk, wjkf

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Asked: 2013-12-19 18:13:17 -0500

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