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keeping a dead body at home

asked 2013-11-29 05:50:09 -0600

anonymous user


My question is that is it dangerous to keep a dead body refrigerated at home two to three days before cremation? if so, then why is this? I have heard previously that it can be a dangerous thing to do this, is this true?

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answered 2013-12-07 15:24:53 -0600

Lo K. B. gravatar image

Sat Nam,

Personally, I have never heard of anybody doing this or being allowed to do this. Frankly, I'd believe that the coroner or hospital would take care of that. All I can say about the "dangers" of doing that is that the spirit might attach itself to the body, and subsequently the home, but, honestly, there shouldn't be a fear of that. If there is, chant Akal periodically and trust that Waheguru will keep any malevolence away from the home.

God bless you and I hope that somebody with knowledge of this belief system will respond, as I have never heard of this occurring.

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Asked: 2013-11-29 05:50:09 -0600

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