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about slogan of Bole-so-nihal

asked 2013-11-17 07:09:12 -0500

Bhag singh Sekhon gravatar image

Slogan of Bole-so-nihal,sat sri akaal is recited after every Ardaas in each Gurdwara sahib but it is not recited in Golden Temple shri Amritsar sahib please give me reason of this practice

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answered 2013-11-20 23:28:31 -0500

sandeep singh gravatar image

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh.

The history reveals a very strong reason for that. The slogan is not recited in the Sachkhand Darbar Sahib Amritsar, but it is recited in the shri Akal takhat sahib. It is because Sachkhand Darbar Sahib Amritsar, was made a common house of all mankind not only for sikhs. Gurus use to say that the sikhs are the sevadars who are there to serve, not the owner of it. Because it is common house, the lord name is only recided, even the Fateh slogan which symbolize that sikhs are of waheguru and the victory too is of waheguru is avoided there. sachkhand Darbar Sahib was made as house of lord (a saint), and there is no war or victory. where as to protect it we made Akal Takhat sahib. Also if you see, when we enter Darbar Sahib Amritsar, there are downward stairs on all the 4 gates, which too symbolizes that all persons should come here as leaving their haume, Ahmkar. where as Akal Takhat sahib is on raised platform. Form Akal Takhat sahib you can see the house of lord sachkhand sahib, but from sachkhand sahib you cannot, which too symbolizes many things, like a ruler should always rule keeping guru in mind, but when you are in front of god, donot see that you are ruler. Hope it answers yours question.

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