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Caliber values for a successfull marriage

asked 2013-10-05 18:41:10 -0600

meet gravatar image

Dear one, what are the caliber values that should match for a successfull marriage? As pointed out by uncle guruka singh in of his videos ..that for a successfull marriage the caliber should match..

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answered 2013-10-12 09:57:30 -0600

WarriorsWill gravatar image

Dear Meet,

It's best Baba Guruka Singh Ji answered this questions himself for he's more wise and evolved in life.

I think it means that the individuals getting married should match relatively close not only in worldly measured traits (i.e personality, goals, hobbies etc.) but also in their spirituality. For example, it could be harder for a person who's very deeply devoted to Guru Ji to marry a very worldly passionate person, they may not understand each other in that aspect, which could result in fighting, negativity and a general imbalance. At the same-time it's possible for someone who's more spiritually evolved to bring up someone who's less spiritual to a higher height.

Hope that helps a bit.

-Namastwang Akaale, Namastwang Kirpaale!

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Asked: 2013-10-05 18:41:10 -0600

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