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I could do with some advice on how to be a better person?

asked 2013-08-10 22:55:50 -0600

anonymous user


Ssa Group,

I feel really arkward doing this as I have never really been 100% true to my faith. I still am not just now but try to go Gurdwara on the odd occasion and chant Waheguru from time to time.

The reason I am on here today is because I was speaking to a member of the family who has noticed the change in my attitude towards life and the people around me. I am usually a happy, bubbly person and loves to see the world smile.

Every morning I would wash my face fives and chant Waheguru, although this one morning I felt really scared and tried to stop myself from saying it as if I wasn't meant to. Since then I have stopped and haven't felt right since, I stopped making parshaad on a Sunday and stopped doing my Parth.

I am really worried as I now feel I am causing problems for my husband and his family, I also have two daughters.

I was an ex smoker and drug user and haven't been the most decent of people, but I changed majority of those things since getting married and became respectful to my faith. I feel I have lost that now and really want to go back to the intentions I had, I keep leting God down and feel ashamed.

What advice can you give? Please

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answered 2013-08-11 17:11:10 -0600

Gurujis Daughter gravatar image

What are you scared of? Don't you think your should do what feels correct to your soul. Our soul is purest, it is infact form of Waheguru (Just like a droplet is part of ocean). Your soul wants to be connected with Waheguru, why are you stopping it? :) There is nothing wrong. Infact, you are blessed to have yourself awakened and feel the need to do Paath, Simran, make Parshad. Guru ji is blessing you with their love! :)

If you are scared because you have been doing things before like smoking etc. Remember, that we ALL have done tons and tone of sins in past. We ALL have made so many mistakes which is why we have piles and piles of dirt and bad Karams. We wash this dirt of maya and Karams with Naams Simran, Amrit, Seeva, Nitnem. I have known so many people who you could never accept to become Sikhs and now such great Gursikhs! Guru ji's Kirpa!

Do not worry about your family. Rather, they will get blessed because of your actions. A mother can make a house heaven! :)

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answered 2013-08-12 03:24:07 -0600

Gurpreet gravatar image

That was really touching thank you, will sure keep hold of that advice to remind me :-)

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