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rehat maryada is fake

asked 2013-08-02 09:42:55 -0500

one naam gravatar image

As it can be change by anyone without being notice it is a simple book even i can make my rehat and pub it......ijust follow what is in ggsj not in any book

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answered 2013-08-06 09:05:26 -0500

jas15283 gravatar image

There was a very good article on sikhnet recently.

We like puzzles...for we like to solve them ...

Guru saheb gave us one ...the mundavani as they call it ... and .. ehh khel kathin hai, kinhi gurmukh jaana ....

I believe that: 1) any rehat could be the way/discipline/means to something but not the 'something' itself

2) and that it is more of a personal than a global phenomena. Something indoctrinated and enforced falls short of its purpose to be means to the destination and would engulf the follower into dogmas and difficult rituals in a mere attempt to sticking to it.

3) there is a subtle difference between guidelines and rules

4) and lastly, if i believe that my rehat is really helping me attain my spiritual goal, I would realize over a period of time that my apetite is increasing (not for food :) )and to satiate it, I'll need to put in more effort, earn more and that is where you may likely find yourself tuning your self rehat.

All of us are diamonds...some need a lot of work to be done upon to get to the desired sparkle, some need a mere polish and some are already sparkling, and some would never sparkle ....

my rehat should be according to how much work needs to be done upon myself ... and see the vadeaayee that I always inside myself know how much I need to work upon myself (whether I do it or not is where I would say that i wlak the path of my rehat)

All in all, make your goal clear and then walk the path ... our plight is that we enforce the path upon ourselves and expect all others to stick to the path not worrying a dime of the purpose of the path. This act itself is the biggest injustice to any for we might already in our mind have judged others' level to be that of an spiritually inferior one....

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