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is it compulsory to do anand saaheb after kirtan?

asked 2013-07-25 12:41:14 -0500

manghani gravatar image evening I went to gurudware...some new bhaiji without doing anand saaheb aftr kirtan he moved to ardaas.....after sukhasan I asked reason fr this...he said it is only done in case ur r making karaah he correct.....pls m in me out.

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answered 2013-07-27 05:19:29 -0500

Nihang Gavinpal Singh Khalsa gravatar image

no. not atall infact. this is the pattern of hoe it goes.

bhog paath of guru ji, kirtan anand sahib-to comemertae the bliss the guru has given in the days prayers ardass-end prayer Hukhamnama-daily declorational order of the guru sukhasan.(kirtan sohilla sahib & arrti) smaller ardass and then -guru sahibs sleepy time

anand sahib and japji sahib are done whilst making prshaad to make it gur -prashaad and blessed in maharajs hazuri charan with his kirpan bhet.

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Asked: 2013-07-25 12:41:14 -0500

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