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The whole world seems to be against me right now

asked 2013-05-19 08:00:22 -0600

alvibrar gravatar image

updated 2013-05-19 11:30:54 -0600

kanwaljit.singh gravatar image

the whole world seems to be against me right now. . i know Waheguru is my greatest strength but how do i endure this terrifying time. whenever anything negative has happened in my life, i later realised that it was a blessing in disguise. now i am broken and want to pray to waheguru not to test me any more. i long for kindness from my so called friends and relatives, my troubles are not of my own making. please pray for me

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answered 2013-05-20 20:11:32 -0600

akalinihungsingh gravatar image

do your nitnem

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