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What is "sau sakhi" and why it is not that popular ?

asked 2020-01-21 05:03:15 -0500

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Chhiaanve karorr khalsa sachegaa

Khalsa raj karegaa

960 million khalsa there shall be

The khalsa shall rule

(Sau Sakhee) Which sakhi is this one.Please explain.Thanks I think Guruka Singh should make a video explaining this Sakhi where 960 million Khalsa,Khalsa shall rule term came from.In India in every Gurudwara everyday 2 times this Dohra is spoken "Agya bhai akal ki tabe chlayo panth sabh sikhan ko hukam hai Guru maneyo Granth ....... Raj karega khalsa aaqi rahe na koi Khuwar huye sabh milenge bache sharan jo hoye" in which there is mention of Khalsa raj.Very few people know about Pipal tree philosphy and mention of 960 million khalsa comes only in the history of Maltekri Gurudwara.People more know about karni nama and rajnama which sikhnet doesn't believe in.

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answered 2020-01-21 10:09:21 -0500

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SAU SAKHI (lit. a book of one hundred anecdotes) is the popular name of Gur Ratan Mal (lit. a string of the GURU`s gems), a work esoteric and prophetic in nature : also problematic as regards the authenticity of its text. Its writer, one Sahib SINGH, describes himself only as a scribe who wrote to the dictation of Bhai Gurbakhsh Singh, better known as Bhai Ram Kunvar (1672-1761) and a knowledgeable and honoured member of the retinue of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708.)

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