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Deluded by doubt

asked 2013-02-11 08:04:19 -0600

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What is deluded by doubt and how is a person deluded by doubt please give me some examples and how do a person eradicate doubt from expect chanting and meditating on God?

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answered 2013-02-15 13:38:13 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

There is no way in this world that you can be logically convinced of this, but spiritually you can always understand what the Guru says. You do not need deep study or deep thinking. Between a Sikh and his Guru the command, and the knowledge of the command, is well known. It lies at the heart.

Nanak Dev Ji said, Sochai Soch Na Hovai, Je Sochai Lakh Var. Thinking a hundred thousand times won't dissolve the problem. And yet we do think. We love to think. What makes us think so much? It is our own duality and doubt. Success comes only when you put your pros and cons away and deal with life. The time you waste in computing the pros and cons shall bring you defeat no matter how intelligent you may be. Caught in your thoughts, it is impossible to get rid of commotion in your life. Commotion comes from duality. So how can you escape the trap of duality? When you give your head, then you have no head. When you have no head what problem can there be? True understanding comes through the heart, not the head. Give your head to your Guru and be done with it.

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