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How to stop someone who is doing paap?

asked 2019-12-16 23:41:24 -0600

teraBanda gravatar image

updated 2019-12-19 09:45:15 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

I am not talking about paap like drinking etc. How Can I tell or convey some relative of mine who is doctor to stop recommending cheap and bad medicines to poor people for the sake of commission and extra money (he is already rich).

Since he is successful in life he doesn't heed any advice of people who make less money than him, But I know for sure that if he keeps continuing this path his future will be full of suffering.

So how does one rectify this or let him rot ? Since its hukam ?

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answered 2019-12-19 10:24:01 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Unless your relationship with him is a deep one, stay away from this. To deal with it requires trust and openness. You will not be successful with a social approach.

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