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What should I do? Really confused

asked 2019-12-03 04:19:39 -0500

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Let’s call this person X. He is my college classmate. So it happened something like this. He knows how to do wear nice turban, so I asked him if he could teach it to me in his free time. He said yes but then he asked me to give my table to him in exchange for that. That didn’t seem much wrong to me. But slowly I realised he comes to me only when he needs something. He didn’t talk to me nice other than when he needed something. He was very astute and was one of those who care so much about their exteriors. One day I got frustrated and put this to an end. We didn’t talk for months. Fast forward: we started talking and he put one condition that he would not take any monetary favours from me. I said okay. But it didn’t end there. He used to come to my apartment and take small things like stationary items. One day I asked him to buy me a specific drug as he was going near a pharmacy and to my shock he charged me thrice the amount for bringing it. I didn’t say anything thinking it might be a joke. But he kept the money. Fast forward: so we had an exam and it was of my favourite subject. I usually got quite high marks in that particular subject. But in other courses he used to score good and thought of himself as some kind of genius. Exam day: there we multiple choice questions and he didn’t know most of them, I helped him with that. Then in next part were short answer questions. I didn’t know a bit of them and asked for some hints. He was of no help. He kept telling others and just ignored me. This doesn’t end there. After the exam he started telling people that I am not as good in that subject as I claim to be and that I was asking him very easy questions. I was really shocked. How much double-faced and manipulative a person can be. Next day I was having fight with someone in our whatsapp group. I was just defending myself never did I initiate the fight. Then others were telling our to stop. It was clearly the fault of other guy who initiated it. But this guy X told the other person to remove me from the group. It then lead to whole series of problems. And the fight also started because of some text he sent in the group. After that next day in exam he told someone to tell me he will complain if I ask him anything. But obviously the opposite happened. I knew the answers and he was begging others for simplest of the questions. We didn’t talk and then he blocked me. I really don’t understand the whole situation. Can anyone please help me to analyse this ... (more)

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answered 2019-12-05 10:56:01 -0500

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"Nanak, utam neech na koi" This is ego, pure and simple. The ego wants. What one does with those wants is what's important. Some people are takers by nature and others are givers by nature. When there is inequality in a relationship it becomes about one person putting another down to boost themselves in the eyes of others. In the long run, this does not work.

The way through is to work on your own neutral mind so that you do not react to things that others do or don't do. When you have firm foundation in your own consciousness then your expectations do not determine your happiness.

Take care of others and let God take care of you.

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