It is said that speech is of four types: Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari. What is their significance in Sadhana (spiritual practices)? [closed]

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Vaikhari is the one in which we say Waheguru from mouth or tongue and we listen it from our ears.This is how the name of Waheguru goes inside us.This is the level when we start getting the taste of Naam and become truthful.Second level of Sadhna is Madhyama in which we feel that that the Dhun of Waheguru Naam is coming from the throat during Simran and third level of sadhna is Pashyanti in which we feel that the Dhun is coming from Chest or heart and forth level is Para level when the Dhun strikes the Dhuni or navel point at that time the person feels that he might die but it was the death of the ego it might also feel at that time that its hard to breathe and the whole body and teeth or mouth starts shivering but it is when the person becomes one with Waheguru and becomes jeevan mukt while living.This is the interpretation of Sant Singh Maskeen and my own experience in 2004.

But i have another word to say that during my research on this topic i have found that the people who reach the para level becomes telepathic and in one of the article of Kundlani Yoga says that Yogi Bhajan used to say that the children born during 2060 will be telepathic.So i believe that these children will become 960 million and bring Khalsa Raj in the start of the next century.

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