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Sikhism, exclusivity and reincarnation

asked 2012-05-23 09:52:38 -0600

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Please provide a perspective on this thought of mine that has been been swirling in my mind.

We believe in reincarnation - it's central to providing perspective on why we are here and the circumstances we find ourselves within. Our karma - good and bad - are the coordinates that have plotted our place in this world. Our behaviour in terms of good and bad deeds together with our devotion to God alongside God's mercy decides how we progress while on Earth.

We don't believe in exclusivity of religion - many pathways (religions) lead to the Universal Creator. Islam and Christianity do not believe in reincarnation - I'm having trouble reconciling this in how we should process this. Do we simply make do with saying, it is irrelevant whether they believe in reincarnation or not, it remains a pathway to God and that is all that matters?

I suppose it means that a Muslim or a Christian doesn't look at karma of past lives to help them account for this circumstance of life. We share entirely different perspectives and live according to what our faith dictates in understanding why we are present in the form of life that we are in.

We don't believe in exclusivity but we instead preach tolerance of differing standpoints even though they are completely at odds with our teaching from the SGGS which we consider to be the true word of God....

A verbose response would be appreciated :)

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answered 2012-06-12 13:17:02 -0600

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Since every being is perfect and divine, what do the beliefs of others matter? Approach each human being with an open mind. The Guru teaches us through many channels and many voices. Look, listen, love and learn every day. Just be present with everyone in the moment and let it unfold. People are not "right" and "wrong." People are as they are.

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