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What Gurbani says about life after death ?

asked 2019-10-24 01:43:08 -0600

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As christainity says there is heaven or hell after death.Islam says that Muhammad will awake all the spirits from the grave and decide for their fate.Hinduism says that there is a Krishna World.The person who remembers Krishna all his life and also in the last moment of his life will go to Krishna World where he will do service to Krishna which is like a spiritual World.I think that in other religions the concept of life after death is clearly mentioned but in Sikhism it's not clear.Sikhism do says that this World is a temporary place or we are like guests here.In Gurbani in many places i have read about Dharmraj or the word "Dargah" meaning God's court where a person is either faces punishment and again have to take birth or he is respected by having robes of honour and is freed from the cycle of birth and death.Somewhere in Gurbani it is also mentioned about God's kingdom or Gurpuri in SarablohGranth.

But as the religious scholars confidently preach about this concept in their respected temples it is not preached by any Sikh Scholar.

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answered 2019-10-24 09:35:22 -0600

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you go back to the place you were before being born.

If you do good your next human life will be pleasant, if not it will be hell. If you are too good you may not be born again

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answered 2019-10-24 10:40:25 -0600

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Gurbani say this:

GAURI: "One who remains dead while yet alive, will live even after death; thus he merges into the Primal Void of the Absolute Lord. Remaining pure in the midst of impurity, he will never again fall into the terrifying world-ocean." ANG 332

PAURI: "Those who eat and dress without serving the True Guru die. After death, those wretched lepers are consigned to reincarnation. In His Sublime Presence, they talk sweetly, but behind His back, they exude poison from their mouths. The evil-minded are consigned to separation from the Lord." ANG 306

RAMKALI 5th Mel: "The Creator Lord created this creation. It comes and goes, subject to the Will of the Infinite Lord. No one dies; no one is capable of dying. The soul does not perish; it is imperishable. || 3 || That which is known, does not exist. I am a sacrifice to the one who knows this. Says Nanak, the Guru has dispelled my doubt. No one dies; no one comes or goes." ANG 885

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