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What does Sikhism say about Bisexuals particularly ? [closed]

asked 2019-07-26 11:46:01 -0600

teraBanda gravatar image

I know that biological importance of Lesbian/Gay is to adopt orphans so that is ok

But are Bisexual people sinners as per Sikhism ? Because if they are bisexual that means they can pick one gender and get married but they are frivolously have sex

What does Sikhism say about Bisexuals particularly

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answered 2019-07-26 12:01:31 -0600

chardikala_9 gravatar image

In Sikhi, there is no specific mention of bisexual individuals in our scriptures. They are not "sinners" because (a) we do not have a concept of sin and (b) bisexual folx are attracted to both genders however it is an individual's personal choice to whom they marry. How do we know these individuals have frivolus sex? Have you personally made friends with a bisexual individual and spent some quality time with them? I personally have and the notion that these people have frivolous sex is a misconception and even if they did, that is not our buisness to know. Based on the principles that the Gurus gave us, we are to treat these people with equality, love and dignity.

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By sinner I meant 'Paapi' . I am not talking about discrimination. I am referring to put some one who is astray on the right path. Would you turn a blind eye if any one who is close to you is astray ?

teraBanda gravatar imageteraBanda ( 2019-07-26 13:25:45 -0600 )edit

No Offence, but by your logic if somebody's kid becomes a drug addict then he should just treat his kid with equality, love and dignity and not their business to know . and yes I am friends with a bisexual individual

teraBanda gravatar imageteraBanda ( 2019-07-26 13:31:14 -0600 )edit

Topic discussions belong in the discussion forum ( Please post your query there.

chardikala_9 gravatar imagechardikala_9 ( 2019-07-26 17:02:10 -0600 )edit

Discussion moved to discussion forum

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