Who are the Demons in Chandi di vaar Guru Gobind Singh reffering to? [closed]

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Pourhee. Aahar miliaa aahreeaa(n) sainh sooriaa(n) saajee. Chulay souhay Durgshaah janh Kaabai haajee. Teeree taygee jamdharhee ranh vandee bhaajee. Ik ghaaial ghooman soormay janh maktab kaajee. Ik beer parotay barchheeay jiou jhuk poun nivaajee. Ik Durgaa souhay khunskai khunsaaian taajee. Ik dhaavan Durgaa saamnhay jiou bhukhiaa-ay paajee. Kaday n rujay jujh tay raj hoay raajee. 45.

The diligent demons received their duties and thus the brave warriors assembled an army. They began to march before (towards) Durga like Haajees journey to the Kaabaa. The arrows, swords and kataars were the bhajee of the battle. The wounded were swaying like a Kazee in a school. The warriors pierced by spears were like bowing (Muslims) performing the namaaz. Others, were in anger, exciting and inciting their Arabian horses before Durga. Others were pouncing upon Durga like a hungry man (jumps at) food. Those whose appetite for battle could not be satisfied, had their fill and were content. 45.

It is the duty of each Muslim to make the pilgrimage once in his life time to the Kaabaa in Mecca. Mecca is the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed. Muslim pilgrims go to Mecca in droves and in great groups. The pilgrimage is called the Haaj, and the pilgrims, Haajees.

The wounded warriors were swaying in pain like a Kazee who is reading the Koran in a religious school. It can be observed that when Muslims are reading the Koran, they sway backwards and forwards.

The namaaz is the Muslim prayer. Five namaazs are offered daily at different times in the day. The namaaz involves bowing down in the direction of Mecca. The wounded soldiers were bent over in pain, like Muslims performing the namaaz.

This 45 pauree of Chandi di vaar in which Guru Gobind Singh is reffering Demons to Muslims reading quran,doing namaz and going to mecca means Guru Gobind Singh is arousing the spirit of Chandi in the Khalsa to fight against the Mughal Empire.

How this bani of Chandi Di Vaar which might be around 300 years old is usable in context to present days of rise of Taliban,ISIS AND Islamic terrorism growing in the World.

Does Khalsa like Khalsa aid will keep doing langer and sewa or dying worrior spirit of Khalsa will again get ignited and they will finish this Islamic Terrorism in the world.

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