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The Mayan calender and The Khalsa Raj Platinum age

asked 2019-06-04 00:52:49 -0600

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Sir i have deep respect for you and SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa and i would been happy if Khalsa raj would have come in 2013 for 5000 years.I live in India and its now 2019 and Modi govt has come to power in India which majorly thinks of Hindu religion and suppressing the Muslims and similarly in America Trump is in power who also thinks of finishing Islamic terrorism and preventing Muslim immigration in America and to say that this is Khalsa raj is a illusion.

Secondly Sikhs are around 30 million today and if i would be very generous then i would say that there is around 3 million Khalsa in the world.Even i am a Amritdhari Sikh who goes to Gurdwara,do sewa,simran,path but even then if you ask me that i am totally pure in my mind then i am not as doing all the religious things i am not able to control my five vices.The prophecy of Guru Gobind Singh of Khalsa raj will happen according to me will be when there will be 960 million Khalsa living on this earth.So we are very much far behind in reaching the 960 million number.

Thirdly if you say that the Piscean age has changed to Aquarian age and this is the dawn of the new age and a day dawns in hours and a age dawns in years and slowly and slowly we will move into light then why did you claim that after 2013 there would be 5000 years of Khalsa raj.

Fouthly As i have read many articles of SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa in which he says that after 2038 world would be set on stage that people will request to get baptized to become Khalsa and we will become 960 million and even Guru Fatha Singh in his article essential Gursikh Yogi has also said that after 2038 there will be 5000 years of Khalsa raj.

So i would request to have a detailed explaination regarding this topic.I want to send this message to Krishna Singh Khalsa who had mad this video but he was unable to contact then i asked this to 3h0 foundation and they said ask Sikhnet about it.

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answered 2019-06-04 16:38:03 -0600

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Gurfateh Jaipreet Singh Ji! Welcome to the SikhNet Q&A forum.

Think of the floor of a forest. Trees are constantly competing with each other and the old growth trees eventually rot and die or are destroyed in fire. Meanwhile, under the old leaves and branches, invisible to most eyes, small sprouts are growing everywhere. We see the trees and marvel at them, but the new growth is there woven into the forest floor and growing day by day. It is as if a whole new fabric is being woven inside the tattered old one. I see it every day as I travel around the world and be in Sangat in many countries. Look closely, behind appearances, and you will see it.

Do you know the story of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the Pipal Tree?

Yogiji never said that after 2038 world would be set on stage that people will "request to get baptized to become Khalsa." What he said that the Khalsa will rise. Let us not assume that we mean baptised Sikhs. Let us not even assume that all of these 960 million will wrap dastar, but rather that those who live as Khalsa will rise. We say the meaning of Khalsa is "pure", which, when applied to humans, conjures up all kinds of complicating thoughts and questions.

"What does that really mean? Am I pure in thought, deed, intent, etc. etc. etc.? "

It's much simpler than that.

Think of pure water, pure air.

  1. They are perfectly clear. You can see right through them. Nothing to block the light of the soul.

  2. They are only and totally themselves. Pure water is only water. Pure air is only air. They have no added ingredients like shame, self doubt, and other pollutants.

The pure human is simple and clear so the infinity of the real self shines out.

That is the Khalsa as it is now. Rising, rising, slowly, slowly but steadily, just as the sun rises.

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answered 2019-06-05 02:08:18 -0600

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updated 2019-06-05 02:15:16 -0600 Time will prove my word today. There shall be 960 million khalsa ruling in this earth, ruling the heart, head, prosperity and projection of all people. We shall illuminate the world in darkness and we'll warm the world in coldness. We'll serve the world at the cost of our entire strength.

The insanity will prevail in the next 20 years coming into the Age of Aquarius. It will be up to the year 2038, when things will come to a stage that people will wander around requesting to be taken into fold of Sikhism. For you, please continue to keep your beard intact and Khalsa will be your own son or daughter of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Some will go away, some will give us a bad time, but in the end, this Dharma shall rule this earth for 5000 years. You and your generations shall rule this planet.This is what i meant in my question


5,000 Years As far as the heavens want, Sikh Dharma is going to be a religion for the next coming five thousand years, starting in 2038. Neither I can change it nor you can change it, nor anybody can change it. How this will happen? Because it is the prediction of the heavens, therefore let heavens deal with it. I have nothing to do with it. The job of the God must be done by God, and man should just sit and watch.cxxi

Thirdly In this article the lady also says that by 2038 we will be 960 million. In this article hari singh says that in 2037 the piscean age will be concluded and Aquarian age or Golden age will be started.

I think that there is a relationship between 2038,Aquarian age and 960 million Khalsa or Khalsa raj

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Guruka Singh gravatar imageGuruka Singh ( 2019-06-05 10:55:48 -0600 )edit

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