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I find myself stuck in a relationship

asked 2019-05-23 11:39:48 -0500

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updated 2019-05-28 11:21:09 -0500

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I believe in sikhism but not a sikh, I got betrayed by a sikh man who used me and left me. After betrayal i was completely shattered nothing was happening good in my life then I started looking for a job and was able to find it with the help of a man. We started talking to each other. He is jaat but he is a good human being. I initiated the relationship but later on i find that his earnings are (20k) not that enough to have a good life in Gurgaon. He has fallen in love with me and he always says he will not be able to live without me. Daily we have fights as he is not a career focussed and also he doesn’t get any financial support from his father. He is trying but not getting good results in his job. I have committed him to get marry with him but now looking at his income my mind says i will not be able to survive in this salary my heart says we cannot leave someone just for money. Please help what should i do now? I believe waheguru will not forgive me if i will leave him

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answered 2019-05-24 12:07:15 -0500

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No.1 you got betrayed by a man ( who was sikh)

Follow your heart "says we cannot leave someone just for money". If you are destined to be poor you will be poor even if you leave him, If you are destined to be rich you will find a way to be rich.

Also on a side note: if you are poor, there is a high probability that your kids will be sincere

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answered 2019-05-24 17:18:22 -0500

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Well it seems to be a bit complicated situation that your heart says u cannot live without him buy your mind says that his salary won't help.

Here is fact about love that when u start getting double thoughts about someone u love or when u get confused and start thinking whether u can survive with them, that's an indication that the love is fading.

There are 2 things either u can get a job and help him financially and u 2 can get settled in this ways u 2 will be together or u can break up and start looking for a guy who have nice salary and background. Like the person u what to marry.

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