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Akand paaths to lah sukh for a boy or lohri

asked 2013-01-01 19:40:37 -0500

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Sat Sri akal, I am writing in regards to how can the gurudwaras and sikh schools around the world promote gender equality. It is evident that domestic and sexual violence exists in our community. However the message is given early to the boys that they are more dominant. Our gurus stood up for gender equality. Why is it that here in Canada, UK, USA I have heard of people doing Akand paaths to 'lah their sukh for a boy' or every year doing paaths for a boy...or doing 'lohri' paats....isn't this against sikhi teachings. What kind of message is this sending to our community? Our gurus were way ahead of the times. Please let me know or help me find out how we can bring this issue to the Akal Takt so we can continue to follow our gurus teachings. The gurudwaras should reject such requests. Their should be classes for boys taught by males how to respect women. Sat Sri akal.

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answered 2013-01-04 14:39:59 -0500

Lo K. B. gravatar image

Sat Nam!

This is more of a comment than an answer, but I think a lot of this is probably culturally linked...perhaps it's all just culturally linked. Perhaps the people that request such things find that their deeply ingrained cultural beliefs hold a higher weight than what is 'correct and fair', spiritually. (Their sense of lineage, family inheritance, flow of wealth/importance in their family lines, etc. is more important to them for one reason or another.) But your idea of having classes on teaching the importance of gender equality in a gurudwara is quite a good one. But it starts in the homes first, I suppose. If the parents of the child do not speak of gender-equality, practice it visibly, then it's difficult for their children to learn to apply it to their own lives when they grow. Lots of public schools in the countries you mentioned generally expect gender-equality/or expose children to it in the classroom atmosphere, as far as my experience goes. Maybe it's high time to have a class after the service in the Gurudwara for entire families to understand the importance of the basic love-based fundamentals of our religion!

Many blessings, and apologies to anyone I might have offended,

~ Lo

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