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I need an answer. Thank you.

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PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS QUESTION. ( AT LEAST ANWSER THIS FIRST ) I promise,this will be the last question about pregnancy so I'm hoping that I'll get an answer. Because whatever I do,I think of pregnancy. Like "OMG CAN THIS GET ME PREGNANT?" And YES,I'm a virgin.

I was just wondering if someone can get pregnant by : -sitting on a chair that has sperm? ( obviously,with clothes on ) -hugging a guy REALLY THIGHT. -can sperm go thru clothes? -is it easy to get pregnant? My friends told me that we can get pregnant with clothes on too. So this is why I'm asking this,thank you.

My period is 6 days late & I'm CHILL. Wjkk wjkf

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answered 2018-10-14 15:41:43 -0600

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Hope this helps ....

One thing not many people realise is that you don’t necessarily need penetration to conceive.

Potentially, most worrying for frisky teens: women can get pregnant from ‘dry humping,’ when a man and woman grind against each other without penetration, even if they’re wearing underwear.

It’s not common, but possible. If semen gets around the entrance of the vagina then it can result in conception even if there has been no intercourse.

As it states it's possible but highly un likely

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