Will god forgive me and let my period come out on time or ?? [closed]

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I always pray and promise to God like this "I promise i will start praying everyday if i get my period on time.I wont hump on my pillow if i get my period on time this month" But once I get my period,I say thank you and after a few days I start doing it all again. I hump on my pillow and I don't pray. I did the same thing this month. And I am very worried if God is fed up with me and he will just make me pregnant or maybe God will not give my period on time because I always break my promises. I need my period to come on time because if it doesn't come on time,I will go crazy. What do you guys think? Will god give up with me because I promise the same thing every month But i do it again the next month. Will god make my period to come late or maybe God will just make me pregnant? I never had sex. I just humped on my pillow(which isn't wrong)

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