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I wear a dastar and I'm a girl. I come from a single parent household and I don't come from a religious family. I am quite open minded and a free spirit. I think that we are all Gods children and no matter what religion, we should all love each other of course. I don't let my sikhi make me think I'm better than anyone else, I'm trying more harder to be a good loving charitable human being. I am Punjabi, however I do not believe in the caste system as it goes against everything sikhi teaches. I'm starting to think about marriage. I am not too much in the Sikh or Punjabi community as I feel like the whole of humanity is my sangat and plus the community it quite judgemental. I feel that just because I live my life following sikhi and share that with a community of people, those people do not have any right to tell me what to do and what not to do. I do not want to limit myself to just marrying a Sikh but I wish to marry someone who is indeed spiritual and believes in the Lord. If god created everyone and we are all equal, why should be segregate ourselves from others and not love them because we don't share the same beliefs. Religion is just something that helps us to reach God. Another enquiry I have is that I wish to get married to this singh, however like I said, I don't believe in caste. But he does, and I don't wish to get hurt when I get rejected as our castes aren't the same, even though I do not recognise myself by 'my' caste. I also don't have a father and I feel as if whoever I get married to will not want me in their family and they might feel bad because they won't have a father in law. Even though I do believe I would be a gem to have in someone's family aha as I do believe I'm a lovely caring soul. I just feel quite helpless and it is so unfair that I cannot be with someone I love due to such ridiculous circumstances

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answered 2018-09-27 21:34:31 -0500

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I think the fact that he does believe in caste and you don’t shows a difference in your values and if you feel he is judging you based on caste you certainly should think twice about the relationship. You are on the right track that you shouldn’t be judging others and you don’t deserve to be judged by him about it either. The right person will never ever ever say that he won’t marry you because you don’t have a dad so they won’t have a father in law. Rather they would support you and understand the difficulities you must have gone through. You are a gem, never forget that and don’t “sell yourself short”- you deserve the best.

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I completely agree with StrongKaur ! A beautiful soul like you shouldn't get hurt over a guy who believes in caste system, I mean, if he does, is he even a real sikh? Go for someone with similar values, its long lasting that way.

Tryingtobasikh gravatar imageTryingtobasikh ( 2018-09-27 21:54:02 -0500 )edit

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