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Is dehi ko lochai dev..

asked 2018-09-13 19:33:00 -0500

bsingh gravatar image

updated 2018-09-14 11:56:55 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

One of my distant relatives once put forward this doubt. Although I think this is just like trying to be oversmart but nevertheless I am putting it forward any valuable explanation....

According to him these are contradictory:

Is dehi ko lochai dev ...ih dehi bhaj har ki sev


Gaawan tudhno eesar brahma devi sohan tere sada swaray Gaawan tudhno indar indrasan baithay dewtyan dar naalay

If devi devtas are already singing Him, why are they longing for human form as per first pankti...

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answered 2018-09-13 20:56:50 -0500

strongKaur gravatar image

My understanding of this is that the Devi Devtas never got to Jeevan mukhti so they are awaiting a human life so they can finish their journey to jeevan mukhti. That's how it was explained to me.

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in the meantime they are singing His praises

strongKaur gravatar imagestrongKaur ( 2018-09-13 20:57:45 -0500 )edit

Thanks for your viewpoint. Makes sense :)

bsingh gravatar imagebsingh ( 2018-09-13 21:03:59 -0500 )edit

Agreed with StrongKaur, its probably because we can only attain Mukati from this body. :)

Tryingtobasikh gravatar imageTryingtobasikh ( 2018-09-13 23:53:24 -0500 )edit

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