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Can I temporarily be in a relationship with a Christian?

asked 2017-12-12 21:44:20 -0500

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I've mentioned this in a previous question, but I have just begun to learn about Sikhism and am still adjusting to the guidelines/commitments. I'm not even fully sure I'll be a sikh throughout my entire lifetime. However, for now, I have an important question. I am currently in a relationship with a Christian and have been for a few days past 6 months. I am aware a sikh can only marry a sikh, but if I am young do I have to limit my relationships to dating only sikhs? I am not even old enough to get married, so by the time that opportunity is available to me I may not identify with Sikhism anymore. (Of course it is something I feel very strongly about now, but since I am young my beliefs are fluid and constantly changing. Because of this, I don't know if my beliefs relating to Sikhism will last a few years or a lifetime.) If I still identify as a sikh by the time I'm old enough to get married, I'll think things out then. Though, for now could I remain in my relationship?

Follow up question: Can I slowly adjust myself into the lifestyle of a sikh, or do I have to suddenly commit? There are some things I just can't do, for example carrying a knife with me. Weapons are prohibited in my school, so I wouldn't be able to do that. Also I'm not sure my parents would allow me to do other things Sikhism demands. Could I do what I can for now, then once I'm an adult fully commit to the lifestyle of a sikh?

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answered 2017-12-13 13:42:50 -0500

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Take things slow and don’t force yourself, when you understand and are ready to do certain things then committing yourself to that is much more easier.

Keep learning a good resource of learning Sikhi is Basics of Sikhi on Youtube I will link a video of relationships with different faiths.

My view is Sikhi doesn’t allow interfaith Anand Karakj (the Sikh wedding), but also I don’t think it’s a good thing describe your relationship as temporary be committed to that otherwise your just leading someone on and might end up hurting them.

Also always ask questions a online Sikh community is think they have other people who converted into Sikhi so always good hearing what other people experienced.

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