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The difference between Gurprasad and Gurparsad?

asked 2017-08-30 05:09:14 -0500

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updated 2017-08-30 10:13:42 -0500

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Sat Nam,

I have noticed that in Gurbani it is written "Ik Ong Kar Sat Gurprasad" and at sometimes "Sat Gurparsad" - What is the difference between the two? the way, does someone have a clue where I can find a good SGGS Gurmukhi diccionary? Because many words from the shabad Banis out of the SGGS aren't written in my Punjabi one - and online i tried a few links without successful results.

So many thanks for helps and soon answers.

Take care.....

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answered 2017-09-01 10:33:37 -0500

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Yves - "Sat Gurprasad" and "Sat Gurparsad" are exactly the same. There are always spelling variations when a language is transliterated. e.g. "Baisakhi" and "Vaisakhi."

As for the Gurmukhi dictionary, there is none that I know of. That's because Gurmukhi is not a language but rather a system of writing. Words in Gurbani come from Hindi, Sanskrit, Persian, Urdu and other languages. Armed with multiple dictionaries, you can usually find the meanings of words in Gurbani, but remember that many words have double or even triple meanings. Our Gurus alliterated, repeated, and wrote in rhyme and rhythm, with lots of colorful imagery and many analogies. Translating Gurbani needs more than a word-by-word literal approach. It's poetry, and it assumes a knowledge of the Hindu pantheon, the Vedas and the Mahabharata.

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Sat Nam, Guruka, ...your answer is again fundamental helpful....I bow again....take good care of your precious Body, Mind and Soul.... with divine-lightfullest greetings, Yves:-)

lightcolor7 gravatar imagelightcolor7 ( 2017-09-03 03:11:31 -0500 )edit

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