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Is praying for the departed ok?

asked 2017-08-12 08:42:39 -0600

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updated 2017-08-14 07:34:59 -0600

Dear Guruka Ji,

I recently lost my beloved dog, Bella Rani. I raised her from a puppy and her passing has caused exquisite pain and prompted a lot of thought on the Sikh perspective of death and the afterlife. Its quite ironic that Bella's declining health prompted my first few ardaas's and I have since accepted Waheguru's will and have realised that there is more at play here..that Bella is not just my dog and that she is a soul on her own journey. I euthanised her recently to put her out of her misery and had an ethical dilemma about interfering in God's plan..but his wonderful hukumnama following an ardaas immediately after Bella's passing has given our family much comfort. It was:

Jin Thum Bhaejae Thinehi Bulaaeae Sukh Sehaj Saethee Ghar Aao The one who sent you, has now recalled you, return to your home in peace and pleasure

...It also contains: Jin Kae Jeea Thinai Hee Faerae Aaapae Bhaeiaa Sehaaee All beings belong to him, He himself transforms him, and he himself becomes their help and support

This hukumnama has made me accept that Bella is in a better place and that Waheguru will look after her ( how wonderful!). I have spoken to a few people on the afterlife in Sikhism and there are many views. What are your views on:

  1. Praying for the departed -I cannot stop loving Bella and I need to keep doing something for her and all I can do is pray. However, apparently this is maintaining an attachment and will stop the soul from continuing its journey. I do not understand how doing something that is essentially coming out of love ( not possession) can be bad for a departed soul? I worry that praying for her is an indication that I have not accepted God's will and it will annoy him.

2.Will I see her again? - I have heard people say that souls travel in clusters. Brian Weiss describes this in his book "Many Lives, Many Masters". What is the sikh view on this? I cannot imagine anything more heavenly than hanging out with Bella in Sachkand.

I really appreciate your view on this, I need answers to move on and am very thankful for this portal.


Regards, Jasveen (crazy dog lady)

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answered 2017-08-14 10:23:58 -0600

Guruka Singh gravatar image

Dear not-so-crazy dog lady - The souls of the animals who come to us have waited lifetimes to be in a Gursikh home where they can hear Gurbani and be part of a loving pack. Many of these souls were human in their last lifetime, but came back as a dog to bless us and take on our karmas. They are angels in dog form. Some dogs are not this (these are moving up to a dog incarnation) but many are, especially in Gursikh families. Death of a dog is not like that of a human. Euthanasia for a dog in pain is a loving act and has no karmic repercussions. There's no need to pray for Bella, but praying for her certainly does not "annoy" God or Guru. Feel the echo of Bella's loving presence in your life, talk of her with love and remember her with love. If this soul still has a role to play in your life journey, then you will be with this soul again. Remember, it is not a woman and her dog, it is two souls - it is a soul-to-soul relationship.

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answered 2017-08-14 10:55:19 -0600

kitkatkaur gravatar image

Thank you! What a heart warming answer! :)

Now that you mention it Bella was quite angelic except at the end when she bit me for the first time ever. I told my mom that if the whole "lena-dena" thing is true then we will surely meet again as I have to bite her back.. this "joke" was not well received...

Your answer has prompted another question...when all the learning and reincarnation is done, what happens then? I have read that one merges with the Guru and while I am sure that feels great.. don't you just get to take a break (pardon the pun) and drink cha with your "soul-family"? Or do you only see them again in the context of learning lessons?

I love your youtube vidoes!

"Soul on parole"', Kit Kat Kaur

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Bella bit you because she was in pain, not because of anything you did. It was simply instinctual.

Guruka Singh gravatar imageGuruka Singh ( 2017-08-15 13:42:22 -0600 )edit

The universe is a university. When you finish your lessons, you are graduated. That means you merge into the Divine. All things come from God and all things go to God. see "Journey of the Soul"

Guruka Singh gravatar imageGuruka Singh ( 2017-08-15 13:45:23 -0600 )edit

Thanks. Sorry for the delay in response! I am afraid that link does not work.. do you have another one? WJKK WJKF

kitkatkaur gravatar imagekitkatkaur ( 2017-08-27 15:07:27 -0600 )edit

Guruka Singh gravatar imageGuruka Singh ( 2017-08-31 11:28:31 -0600 )edit

thank you ji!

kitkatkaur gravatar imagekitkatkaur ( 2017-08-31 19:49:20 -0600 )edit

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