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What is "Naad" mentioned in Jap ji sahib?

asked 2017-05-23 00:44:17 -0500

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Wjkk wjkf.
What does sound current of naad vibrating means??

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answered 2017-05-23 12:25:07 -0500

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updated 2017-05-23 15:58:07 -0500

The creativity of the Creator and the creation, that of the love and that of the beloved, that of the center and that of the expansion, all things are balanced on one thing – the understood self, that element of understanding, that is called Naad. "In the beginning there was a Word, Word was with God and Word was God." When you read that in the Bible, it is nothing different than the Word came out of Naad and the Word merges back into Naad. All life in the universe is based on the Anaadi Naad. It is the sound of creation itself. The inner sound within and beyond all sounds. The vibratory source of all creation.

Gurbani is a virtue. When you read and recite Gurbani, it stimulates your hypothalamus. Gurbani is totally different than any other scripture, because Gurbani is made in a scientific way. There could be lot of bani from a lot of people, but that is Kachi Bani. Kachi Bani and Pakki Bani, there are two Banis. Kachi Bani is that which does not fit on the Naad, Pakki Bani is that which fits on the Naad. Touchstone is Naad. One who knows Naad knows Aad, one who knows Aad is Parmeshwar. Naad means the sound current. The only scripture that is written in Naad is Gurbani. The Torah is not in Naad, the bible is not in Naad, the Koran is not in Naad and the vedas are not in Naad.

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