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Bad people having good life

asked 2016-11-13 17:49:38 -0600

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Why does god bless bad people and give pain to the ones who acknowledge god?

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answered 2016-11-13 18:53:19 -0600

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I’ve asked myself this question many times. Here’s a few thoughts:

God is in everyone. There is no good people and bad people. Being in a state of duality, I am unable to see this. The people who are hurting others, etc. in this lifetime will have to pay through their karma. Whatever they are receiving in this lifetime is from their past karma. They must have done good things in their past lives to be getting these benefits now. In ignorance they are wasting this lifetime though. Now they will have to reap what they sow in the future (we may not see that in this lifetime).

If we are doing simran and living honestly, etc. at least we are burning old karma and not accumulating more. We will experience challenges because of our own past karma in other lifetimes. By acknowledging God we have support from God. At least we see the purpose of our existence and therefore we can work to achieve it. Our end-game is different than the person who only thinks of enjoying this lifetime in whatever way as long as the body is alive. They do not think about the soul. Remember real success is not being rich, or having things in this world. Those won’t go with us. Success is in meeting God. If people waste their life in maya and don’t acknowledge God they aren’t really successful, Gurbani tells us their life is not fruitful and they have wasted it.

I’ve found I haven’t asked myself this question lately. I think it’s just that lately I have been able to build more faith and trust that God is just. Which makes me think if I build more faith perhaps this question of why bad things happen will not be a question in my mind anymore. Lately I’ve been just accepting that whatever is happening is happening and I can’t change that, so I can just learn how to manage it. When we are in a really spiritual place mentally, the pain and pleasure will no longer matter. The external struggles will not matter because of inner peace. That is what I am striving for but I’m admittedly, really far away. Instead of wondering why things are happening I am trying to inspire change by walking the walk and talking the talk. If God put all this stuff on my plate today, then I will do that work with love and serve in the best way I can. I am serving God in each action and person I see.

Anyways, I hope that gives something to think about. I seem to fluctuate between seeing things as I have written them, and being completely overwhelmed and wondering why things are happening!!

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