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I am sorry to hear that your father is facing health problems and to hear of your family issues. You are a Sikh family so it makes sense you will not go to baba or pandit! What we do is we turn to God in times of trouble. Waheguru will help your family through this. Others cannot be controlled through manters, etc. People control us when we let their words and actions get to us by creating doubt, fueling anger, and upsetting us. We cannot let our minds get taken over by these thoughts. I am sure it must be very upsetting and stressful for your dad to see this behavior from his son and daughter-in-law. This itself can be influencing his health situation, or some other underlying cause as well. If you can, try to sit down and sort out the issues as a family. Sometimes its best if you carefully choose who is sitting down to talk to who so no one feels outnumbered or attacked. If that doesn’t work, see it like this: your brother has his own priorities because he is married and is no longer just a son, he has responsibilities to his wife. What we can do is wish him blessings for his life with his family, and leave him alone to do his own thing. Understand that if he is living happily with his wife the way he wishes to live, then just leave him to do that. You guys can at least live without the conflict of having to deal with it all the time and can focus on what’s best for you. It is naturally upsetting to not have your son treat you well after you raised him. But understand where he is at right now and instead of dividing him from his wife, just take a step back and give him some space. Rather than interfering in each other’s lives, if he doesn’t want to see you, fine, let him be by himself because we can’t force him. He will come around to his own conclusions in time and realize the games of his wife. You guys can do prayers as a family to help your dad get his stress down and heal.