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Sir, I need you to answer a few questions to yourself say that it is frustration and you are fed up.and etc etc etc...... and you may be right ....and after all it is your decision(atleast it seems so to you and all) ......just try to be truthful to urself with the questions (no need even to give replies here)

(1) Are you or are you not choosing the easiest way out. (2) Are you sure (a 100% and not an iota less) that you'll achieve this fit in by doing it? (3) What if the problem is something else , you may lose your hair and still end up struggling to solve the same problem ? (4) Is this the first set of things in your life that has brought you to a similar dejected state. I mean if there have been instances when you felt very very down(reasons and causes may be any), what was the final solution that you tried. Giving up on the most blatantly visible aspect of it or trying to achieve a more amicable and feasible solution (5) last one, lets respect your decision to give up on the saroop, the question is why settle for only the saroop...there were better things you could have given up or atleast come the decision settle on the kes.

The idea is not to convince you. Just wanted you to give a deeper thought , which I am sure you already have, but let us give one more deeper dive. Decision like this would not be going easy on you and I am very sorry for you that you have to go through all this. And don't forget to watch kungu panda (part-1) ...... the guy says that the thing with destiny is that one often confronts it head on on the way he take to try to avoid it......waht will you do and give up then.