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Why should a Pandit know any more than you?

"After all their reading, the Pandits, the religious scholars, and the astrologers argue and debate. Their intellect and understanding are perverted; they just don’t understand. They are filled with greed and corruption. Through 8.4 million incarnations they wander lost and confused; through all their wandering and roaming, they are ruined." - Guru Nanak Dev Ji ANG 27.

Your spiritual relationship is your own relationship with yourself, your soul, God and Guru. No one has any right to interfere in that relationship.

Now is the time to work on yourself, to develop your own discipline, your own daily sadhana and habit to go deeper into Gurbani.

That is the only thing that will carry you through this. The Guru will arrange your relationships and your marriage IF YOU LET HIM and don't let your emotions or any other person get in the way. How to do that? Focus on your own discipline. Learn to meditate and do it every day. Learn the meaning of Gurbani and let understanding emerge.

It's not about "God" or "religion." It's about you.