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What if in the middle of our life we are not settled? How we need to approach life and how can we be more productive and spend a fulfilled life?

This is a transition period for many people, and often it comes with an empty nest as children leave, dissatisfaction with a career, uncertainty about the future and a often a realization that mortality is quite real. If you're unsettled at this time, it is likely that you need to work through your issues directly rather than running from them. Perhaps it is a time for a new job, new hobby, new friends. Maybe it's time to reconnect with your spouse, your parents and old friends. Spend more time doing the things that matter, like being with family, reflecting on your life and finding that job that sparks you.

How do I increase my motivation, drive, and ambition?

This depends on what your dreams and ambitions are. What does getting your life in order mean to you? Life is messy and never easy, so most of the time it will never be in order. Learn to be happy with the life you have and be grateful for the people who are going through life with you. Getting our life in order could take up to a few days to years. Just be happy with your own life and don't get dragged down into what you think your life should look like.