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Guru mahraj never allowed sikhs to use any kind of Alcohol or bhang , its totaly manmat , even if they said Khalsa should take bhang before battle , then i have question for them . Is they don't believe power of Khande Bate dha Amrit ? kyunki Guru mahraj ne Khande bate dhe amrit dhi daat baksh k khalse nu Sva lakh naal ldaun di takat diti na k Bhang naal Bhang ta Mugal pindhe c . eh kuj log apne swaadh nu jhatke la rahe ne aaj kal te bhang shak rahe ne .

aha nashe bare Giani Kulwant singh ji ne explain kita hai

baki Giani Pinderpal ji ne v explain kita hai but i forget the file but you can listen to Veyakhya of Ardas by Giani Pinderpal Singh ji and get most of your answers about sikhi .