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I believe in India one is permitted to wear up to a 6-inch kirpan in gatra whilst riding on a plane, but I could be wrong. I am not educated on Nepalese laws regarding this for the return flight.

Keep whatever shastars you want in your luggage, but as for actively wearing some sort of kirpan on the plane, there a few reasonable options:

  1. Kirpan Necklace - (
  2. Kirpan attached to Kanga with Thread - (
  3. Dumalla Kirpans - (

I would recommend wearing the dumalla kirpan(s) though, because the rehat calls for a strapped kirpan, and that is the closest thing possible. Obviously dumalla shastars are not there for show, but for both protection and sarabloh shakt.

Before wearing any sort of kirpan on the plane, I advise you call and check in with your airline first.

Hope this helped,

Bhagat Singh